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ISO/IEC 12207 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the document IEEE 12207:2008 the same as ISO/IEC 12207:2008?


2. Is ISO/IEC 12207 life cycle dependent?

ISO/IEC 12207 can be used with any life cycle model. However, you need to choose the model or models to be used, before beginning a development program..

3. Is it necessary to use all the process spelled out in ISO/IEC 12207 on a project?

No! ISO/IEC 12207 was made to be flexible. You choose the processes that are required for your project.

4. Can I use this standard for producing shrink-wrap software?

Yes. Just select the processes that are right for your business.

5. ISO/IEC 12207 does not call out in detail the security related tasks. How do I accommodate these tasks?

Just add the additional processes as a addendum to the contract or statement of work.

6. How do I use ISO/IEC 12207 and ISO/IEC 90003 together to achieve ISO 9001 registration?

When establishing a quality system that will meet the requirements of 9001, a firm should use all three documents. 9001, ISO/IEC 90003 and ISO/IEC 12207 are all important to completely understand the requirements of 9001 for a software project. 90003 gives a software project further guidance on how to apply 9001 on a software project. Each one of the 90003 clauses that are software unique point to ISO/IEC 12207 to provide more details on software issues and to further clarify issues pertaining to software.

7. What countries have a national recognize certification scheme on ISO/IEC 12207?

At this time only South Africa has a certification scheme for ISO/IEC 12207.

8. What is the relationship between ISO/IEC 12207 and DoD 498

ISO/IEC 12207 was adopted by the DoD to use on all new contract and it supplants standard DoD 498.

9. Does 12207 require you to use a specific template for your documents (Procedures, Plans, Records, and Documents)?

No – You may use any format you want as long as it satisfies the intent of the document and meets your business needs.

If you have any other questions on ISO/IEC 12207, please send us an e-mail message at All questions will be answered promptly.

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