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About this page and SEPT

Software Engineering Process Technology Company, (SEPT) is a firm specializing in meeting the software process standards information needs of the professional community, particularly concerning ISO/IEC 12207.This page will give you:

  1. The information and status of ISO/IEC 12207 standard  
  2. A suggested list of software engineering process standards by type or product.
  3. Checklists for key standards
  4. Key templates for software engineering process


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The 2008 version of ISO/IEC 12207 has been released. This new version of 12207 is the first step that ISO/IEC is taking to fully harmonized ISO/IEC 12207 with ISO/IEC 15288 System life cycle processes standard.
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Software Engineering Process Standards

Confused about the best software engineering standards for software development and maintenance?  Here is a suggested list of software engineering process standards by type or product. The process types are:

If you cannot find the software engineering process standard you are looking for, please contact us. SEPT will help you locate it.

SEPT is partnered with IHS to provide the world's premier software engineering standards. You can search, order, and download thousands of current industry standards and receive your documents in a timely cost-effective manner.


Software Engineering Standards Checklists

The purposes of these checklists are to point out clearly the requirements of a standard. They are prepared by standards experts who understand the language of the standard. The checklists are constructed around a classification scheme of physical evidence comprised of policies, procedures, plans, records, documents, audits, and reviews. This is the physical evidence that an auditor will be looking for. These checklists are available in PDF format or MS word format. The price of these checklist includes 4* Hours of Consultation.

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Software Engineering Templates

Templates are the key to producing Software Engineering documents that are clear and concise. These templates will help a software engineer, without extensive knowledge of a process to prepare a plan or record that meets highly professional expectations The templates are applicable to all types of software from information technology, commercial, scientific, and other non-business applications . The price of these checklist includes 4 Hours of consultationSEPT will answer any questions concerning the templates for 60 days after purchase.

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