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Software Engineering Process Technology Company, (SEPT) is a firm specializing in meeting the software process standards information needs of the professional community, particularly concerning the ISO/IEC 12207 standard. SEPT has been in business since 1992. SEPT provides standards information via books, checklists, templates, reports and this web site.XX

SEPT Principle and Founder - Stan Magee

Mr. Magee was one of the principal US delegates to the ISO SC 7 International Plenary meetings from 1986 – 2002.He was a major contributor to the development of ISO/IEC 12207. Mr. Magee signed off the final draft of ISO/IEC 12207 for the United States in Rome, Italy in November 1994. For his diligent work on ISO/IEC 12207, Mr. Magee received an ISO/SC 7 award. Mr. Magee is past convener (1999-2002) of the WG 7 (Life Cycle Management working group for ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 7 Systems and Software Engineering. When he was convener the standard ISO/IEC 15288-System Engineering-System Life Cycle Processes, was developed. In 1995 he was elected to the IEEE Computer Society Golden Core of 500 people who have significantly served the IEEE Society in standards development over its 50 year history. Mr. Magee has over 42 years’ experience in the software field and is considered an expert in the area of software and system life cycle methodology.

In 1997 Mr. Magee was part of a “People to People” quality mission to China and lectured at Shanghai University on software quality standards. He gave seminars on meeting the requirements of ISO 9001/90003 for medical device firms. In 1994 he established a software business and quality system plan, for VNIPI Sport of Moscow, Russia for obtaining ISO 9001 certification. VNIPI is the privatized IT section of the Russian Olympic Committee. In 2002, Mr. Magee established a plan for the Thailand Government to be in the upper quartile producers of software in the world market place by 2010. They achieved this goal by 2008

Mr. Magee is co-author of the books, Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications ISBN 0-89006-919-0 and Guide to Standards and Specifications for Designing Web Software ISBN 0-89006-819-4. He has authored many technical reports relating to software engineering standards issues.

He was active on many governmental, educational and professional boards, and holds BS from the School of Engineering from Oregon State University (1957) and an MBA in International Business from the University of Puget Sound. (1980).

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